New treatment and patient selection biomarker for advanced cancer patients


Anti-angiogenic therapy has been demonstrated to increase progression-free survival in patients with many different solid cancers. Unfortunately, the benefit in overall survival is modest and the rapid emergence of drug resistance is a significant clinical problem. There is therefore an urgent need to discover new molecular targets or mechanisms of action for treating resistance to anti-angiogenics, together with new biomarkers to help optimize therapy selection.


  • To develop a new drug to prevent anti-angiogenics resistance and its companion patient selection biomarker to identify who will benefit from the treatment, thus delivering more efficacious and safer therapies to patients.

Problem to Solve

While targeted therapies have demonstrated efficacy in extending progression-free survival in cancer patients, their benefits are transient and fail to produce durable responses for the majority of patients. In order to fight this resistance, various strategies have been explored. Results obtained from these strategies so far have been modest. This means there is a clear need to develop novel agents that overcome resistance.

Additionally, in the absence of predictive biomarkers, targeted therapies continue to be used in a non-targeted manner. A more personalized approach would allow patients to be specifically matched with the appropriate therapies.


The Angiotheragnostics (AtG) team has identified and validated a new therapeutic target to prevent anti-angiogenics resistance, as well as a plasma biomarker that selects patients that will benefit from the treatment. They are now in the early stages of developing this drug and biomarker kit, the first of its kind to target anti-angiogenics resistance.

AtG has identified two families of small molecules that inhibit this target protein, reducing its proliferation in cancer cell lines and impairing tumor growth after anti-angiogenic therapy fails.


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