Low-cost, easily assembled, and locally produced invasive medical ventilator


The COVID-19 pandemic has placed unprecedented strain on healthcare systems around the world. In particular, the medical ventilation systems which increase the survival of patients are in short supply. The Atena - Invasive Medical Ventilator project, aims to meet the extremely high demand for ventilation equipment. This community-based approach provides a low-cost, easily assembled, and locally produced solution, through the development, prototyping, testing and decentralized industrialization of a new mechanical invasive ventilator.


Acknowledging that there are many worldwide initiatives in progress to tackle this challenge, and hence that there is a competition for knowledge, experience, resources, materials and components, the Atena - Invasive Medical Ventilator project was launched at CEiiA, in mid-march, in a community-based approach.

Although the project was sparked by engineers, it quickly became a multidisciplinary endeavour in which the medical and engineering communities have combined their expertise to rapidly learn the specifics of medical ventilator production.

Next Steps

Thanks to the support of CaixaImpulse, as well as several other patrons, we are currently manufacturing and delivering ventilators to struggling healthcare systems, in Europe, South America and Portuguese speaking countries.


Director – Product & Service Development

Tiago Rebelo

Project leader

Operations Manager – Product & Service Development Unit

Raquel Magalhães

Prototyping Area Manager

Manuel Oliveira

Development & Engineering Area Manager

Rui Magalhães

Electronics & Embedded Systems Area Manager

Helder Oliveira

Software Development Area Manager

João Luís

Design & Advanced Concepts Area Manager

José Silva


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Public health

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Medical Devices