A medical device to manage agitated patients through digital monitoring


A number of underlying health conditions can cause a hospital patient to enter an agitated state. Depending on the severity of the agitation, the patient can become a threat to both themselves and hospital staff. For this reason, the use of physical restraints is sometimes necessary, even though they are associated with negative side effects.


  • To develop Safety HUG, a new medical device designed to reduce the need for restraints. The device provides an objective overview of the agitation episode by capturing data from the agitated patient in real time and sending it to healthcare staff through an app.

Problem to Solve

An estimated 1.5% of patients experience an agitation episode during their hospital stay. When the state of agitation reaches a critical level, the patient can become a threat to both themselves and hospital staff. For this reason, physical restraints are used in 40% of cases, based on subjective decisions made by physicians.

The use of restraints is associated with high costs and negative side effects, both of which increase with time restrained.

There is a need to reduce the duration of the time that agitated patients are restrained, in order to avoid side effects and associated costs.


Until now, hospital staff have generally been required to make subjective decisions about the management of agitated patients based on observation.

Safety HUG hopes to radically change this. It is the first device to provide objective data on state of the patient, which it feeds back to physicians and nurses in real time. This means that they can make objective decisions about when to remove restraints.

This tool will facilitate and standardize the procedure of patient management, with the goal of reducing time spent in restraints, as well as the associated side effects and costs.


Project leader. Researcher

Xavier Perez Acebo

Project leader

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Eduard Soler Alonso

Industrial Product Director

Ferran Soldevilla

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Dani Blanco


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Tamara Maes


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Medical Devices

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Fundació Parc Taulí