A new probiotic strategy to improve metabolic and inflammatory profile in obese patients


Succinate is a metabolite produced both by both human cells and gut microbiota that acts as a proinflammatory stimulus regulating local stress, tissue damage and immunologic danger. Circulating succinate is elevated in obese and diabetic 2 patients and is linked to a specific gut microbiota signature, thus constituting a new metabolic node in the control of obesity-related inflammation.


  • To develop a probiotic-based intervention to improve obesity-related disorders by diminishing circulating succinate levels. Also, to develop a succinate-detection kit as a companion diagnostic that will support the correct selection of the patients and their follow-up.

Problem to Solve

Obesity is a multifactorial disorder of epidemic proportions and its related co-morbidities call for a multidimensional and personalized treatment. Gut microbiota contributes to obesity, diabetes and related metabolic diseases. Indeed, gut dysbiosis is one of the major factors underlying the obesity-related inflammatory environment. However, probiotics are still not used within common clinical practice. In a society where the demand for probiotics is sharply increasing, the science-driven identification and characterization of new probiotic strategies is needed to ensure their rational use and boost their implementation in the clinic.


SUCCIPRO is a novel approach in that it tests novel bacterial strains that are not in the Qualified Presumption of Safety (QPS) list and therefore more challenging to develop. It is also the first treatment to consider the effects of microbiota-derived succinate for the management of obesity and energy metabolic syndrome.

Associating the use of a probiotic with the follow-up of a particular metabolite is a new approach that will represent a step forward towards a personalized and rational use of probiotics.


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Isabel Huber Ruano

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