A wearable device for smart rehabilitation

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MyoSleeve is a medical wearable device that monitors muscular activation and fatigue during forearm rehabilitation. Based on High Density Surface Electromyography (HD-EMG), this smart device not only records muscular activity, but also extracts neuromuscular data so that therapies can be personalised using machine learning, which is extremely useful for clinicians. In addition, it provides interactive feedback that keeps patients involved. As a result, the device allows for remote rehabilitation, ensures exercises are carried out correctly, and helps speed up treatment results.


  • To provide personalised and effective forearm rehabilitation treatment based on reliable non-invasive internal muscle data and interactive feedback.

Problem to Solve

Standard non-invasive rehabilitation and its evaluation are normally based on functional exercises, strength and movement imbalances. However, activity is not assessed on a neuromuscular level, despite this being the origin of the disorder. Clinicians and patients are therefore unaware of their muscle conditions during rehabilitation.

Likewise, people who suffer from musculoskeletal injuries or strokes are prescribed long-term treatment plans, which often are scheduled at inconvenient times and at far away centres.


Myosleeve is a smart wearable device for forearm rehabilitation that combines inertial and myoelectric sensors. The latter performs an HD-EMG, while the former provides real-time movement information related to wrist extension/flexion, and forearm pronation/supination, among other data. The device is also non-invasive, comfortable, washable and battery-powered.

Level of Innovation

The technology behind MyoSleeve has already been patented. A research prototype has already been tested on both healthy subjects and patients. This prototype has already gained interest from some companies that specialise in rehabilitation.


Project leader


Mislav Jordanic


Hamid Reza Marateb

Chief of the Rehabilitation Unit

Joaquim Chaler


Deputy Director of Innovation. Head of Health Technology Assessment Unit

Laura Sampietro

Hospital Clínic


Scientific Area

Clinical sciences

Business area

Medical Devices

Research center

Research Centre for Biomedical Engineering, Universitat Politècnica de Catalunya