Boosting immunity against Gram-negative bacteria by removing natural non-neutralizing antibodies

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Unique and novel approach to boost immunity by priming neutralizing antibodies through the depletion of existing non-neutralizing antibodies with glycoconjugates.

Hospital-acquiered nosocomial infections are a major challenge to patient safety. Antibody-dependent enhancement (ADE) of infection occurs when pre-exisiting non-neutralizing antibodies bind to a pathogen facilitating infection instead of dampening it. The selective depletion of ADE antibodies by glycoconjugates improves serum bactericidal activity and prevents mortality in experimental Gram-negative infections


  • To validate the efficacy of the glycoconjugates in infections caused by Gram-negative bacteria in humans.


Problem to Solve

Hospital-acquiered or nosocomial infections affect 10% of admitted patients, resulting in hightened mortality, morbidity and economic loses. It is estimated that hospital-acquired infections are one of the leading causes of mortality both in Europe and the United States. Gram-negative bacteria are responsible for over 30% of nosocomial infections, and are predominant in cases of ventilator-associated pneumonia and urinay tract infections, whilst in intensive care units (ICUs), Gram-negative account for the vast majority of infections. Thus, Gram-negative are etilogic agents ssociated with severe clinical conditions such as sepsis and septic shock.


The main goal of the project is to establish a new treatment to prevent nosocomial infections, which will improve patient survival along with reducing hospital stays and costs.

Level of Innovation

The use of glycoconjugates to boost immunity is a unique novel approach both for its mechanism of action and effect, which could become a very effective therapy to combat infections by Gram-negative. The possibility of boosting immunity by only depleting the non-neutralizing antibodies in the body represents a radical innovation as a therapeutic approach, which could also be used in other infections and cancer.


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